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Quality Assurance - piveau metrics#

The metrics software stack allows analysis of metadata with regards to the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) standard, which is based on the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) developed by the W3C. It is "[..] a specification for metadata records to meet the specific application needs of data portals in Europe while providing semantic interoperability with other applications on the basis of reuse of established controlled vocabularies (e.g. EuroVoc) and mappings to existing metadata vocabularies (e.g. Dublin Core, SDMX, INSPIRE metadata, etc.)."

Multiple components analyse incoming metadata and derive measurements based on the Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV). These services are pipe modules and can therefore be orchestrated as a pipe.

In order to determine metadata quality the following five aspects are considered:

  • Compliance with DCAT-AP and DCAT-AP derivatives
  • Disclosure of information not mandated by DCAT-AP
  • Accessibility of the data referenced in the metadata through the Access and Download URL
  • Machine readability of the referenced data
  • License usage

Based on these analyses a score can be calculated, which serves as an easily comparable indicator of overall metadata quality. The individual measurements as well as the final score can be visualized via web frontend.