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ANNIF Integration#

For Referenrence: the Annif GUI in Data Europa

To simplify the progress of creating a dataset, the annif system suggests potential candidates for the subject an theme property. The base of those suggestions is the description field of the dataset. Currently it's only supporting to suggest candidates if the description is in english.

If users want to choose any of the suggested candidates, they simply click on them. The green background indicates, that it has been chosen. If users want to revert their selection, they simply click on it again and the background will become colorless.

Annif example for the theme field

Here it's important to notice, that if there are limited suggestions (e.g. only four on base of the description), only those will get displayed.

If The User wants to browse the vocabulary for potential themes by themselves, it's possible to do this via the "Manually search the vocabulary" button.

Annif example for the search field

The name of the suggested items are shortend for styling purposes. If you want to see the whole text simply hover over the box. Annif example for the search field

The coding part of the Annif suggestion system can mostly be found in the AutocmpleteInput.vue.