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Exporting Hub


Exporting Hub APIs#

The exporting hub component just have the pipe endpoint to receive pipe descriptions /pipe. The API description of this endpoint, as html rendered documentation, is accessible through the root context. The OpenAPI itself can be downloaded via


The REST API also provides a health endpoint for cluster deployments to support liveness and startup probes:


The exporter hub needs to communicate with the piveau-hub-repo component. See corresponding environment variables for configuration.


In case of a container deployment there is not need to route the endpoints to the outside as long as the rest is also running inside the same cluster.


The following environment variables can be used to configure the exporting hub component.

Variable Description Default Value
PIVEAU_HUB_ADDRESS The hub repo address used when no endpoint is set in the pipe segment configuration http://piveau-hub-repo:8080
PIVEAU_HUB_APIKEY The hub repo api key to use when no endpoint is set in the pipe segment configuration anyKey
PIVEAU_PIPE_ENDPOINT_PORT The service port to use. 8080
PIVEAU_FAVICON_PATH Path to favicon, used in OpenAPI rendering. webroot/images/favicon.png
PIVEAU_LOGO_PATH Path to logo, used in OpenAPI rendering. webroot/images/logo.png


Variable Description Default Value
PIVEAU_PIPE_LOG_APPENDER Configures the log appender for the pipe context STDOUT
LOGSTASH_HOST The host of the logstash service logstash
LOGSTASH_PORT The port the logstash service is running 5044
PIVEAU_PIPE_LOG_PATH Path to the file for the file appender logs/piveau-pipe.%d{yyyy-MM-dd}.log
PIVEAU_PIPE_LOG_LEVEL The log level for the pipe context INFO
PIVEAU_LOG_LEVEL The log level for the service console. INFO