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If you're running piveau in a kubernetes container environment (or similar), you should consider the use of the backup facilities for persistent volume claims of that environment.


If you use just one instance of elasticsearch together with one volume and database directory, you can simply copy this directory to make an easy backup. Although, you should never do this while the instance is up and running. For backups during operation take a closer look into the next chapter.

Backup in a cluster#

A detailed guide how to make snapshots in a cluster environment can be found here


Taking a snapshot is the only reliable and supported way to back up a cluster. You cannot back up an Elasticsearch cluster by making copies of the data directories of its nodes.

The open source OpenLink Virtuoso used by piveau does not support clustering. Therefore, only one instance is accessing the db files.

Backups can be taken in two principal ways:

See Virtuosos Data Backup & Recovery documentation for more details.

Consus Scheduling#

The consus scheduler comes with a build in h2 database to persist all triggers.

See H2 Upgrade, Backup, and Restore documentation for more details.