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Name Description
piveau-metrics-annotator This service annotates incoming datasets with DQV quality measurements.
piveau-metrics-cache Stores precomputed DQV measurements in a MongoDB.
piveau-metrics-dataset-similarities Analyzes datasets and computes similar ones.
piveau-metrics-format-checker Downloads files and analyzes their content with regards to format and structure.
piveau-metrics-i18n Metrics internationalization.
piveau-metrics-reporter Provides PDF, ODS, and XLSX representations of metrics measurements.
piveau-metrics-score Calculates scores based on DQV measurements.
piveau-metrics-ui Metrics web frontend.
piveau-metrics-url-checker Checks URLs for their status codes.
piveau-metrics-validating-shacl Validates RDF against SHACL rules.
piveau-metrics-notifications This service notifies a publisher when the score of their catalogue drops.